Director's Journey - Ruhhette

Director's Journey

Emerging from the reflection of ethereal tranquillity, layered with unconditional affection, Ruhhette was conceptualised by Miss. Pooja Aggarwal who charmingly embraced the world of entrepreneurship after acing specialisation in jewellery design and dedicated learning under renowned designers. Governed by her heart and unwavered passion of designing unique, timeless jewellery, she gently paved her way to originate Ruhhette, an opulent jewellery brand, perfect for the modern woman who is bold, empowered and yet delicately gentle. Fueled by an unparalleled sense of artsy aesthetic, Pooja went on to create accessories that are driven by concept, and crafted with intricate love.

About Us

A statement of astounding aristocracy, Ruhhette is an opulent jewellery brand that draws inspiration from the epitome of beauty that one shall find in every sphere of life, if perceived with that intention. Ruhhette brings to life, what surrounds and envelopes, through jewellery that offers an unconventionally empowering experience. At Ruhhette, we are keen at facilitating the #WomenOfRuhhette with accessories that hold a significantly sensational stature and lend sparkle to your prepossessing persona. Guided by the drive for perfection and commitment to the exceptional, we take pride in reshaping luxury. We invite you to witness the powerful aura of statement jewellery, we invite you to experience the enriching affair of accessorising exclusively with Ruhhette.